I have ridden on a cannonball in flight with a madcap Baron. I have delved ancient tombs with the enigmatic Dr. Jones, and I have travelled with a company of thirteen to the slopes of a lonely mountain.

I’m ANIVI, and I live and breathe stories. I grew up on films like Baron Munchausen, Lord of the Rings and Hellboy. I was drawn in by the amazing depth of the worldbuilding that brought their characters and settings to life in front of me. I obsess over the details of a scene, the items in the background that make a story not just a tale, but a living breathing world.

My work as an illustrator lets me experience the stories of each character I bring to life. I relish shaping their stories into visual beings with scars and lines on well-travelled faces. For me, each piece is like adding a new face to a gallery of heroes, all with grand stories to tell.

When I’m not working, I sail off with my partner to our own fantasy world that we’re building together, stone by stone. Then when time allows, we play RPG’s together, adventuring in stories of our own.

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